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Most likely. If you live on the east coast. Pocket Vinyl is hitting a lot of towns and cities between Vermont and Georgia, and as far west as Oklahoma! I’ll try to update on here where we’ll be going each week, but you can always check out our complete schedule on PocketVinyl.com.

I already mentioned tonight’s show, but just in case…

Wednesday, March 21 – New London, CT – Bean & Leaf  (13 Washington St, New London, CT 06320)  7:30 PM

Thursday, March 22 – Northampton, MA – The Elevens  (140 Pleasant St. · Northampton, Massachusetts · 01060) 8 PM

Friday, March 23 – Montpilier, VT – The Black Door   (44 Main Street Montpelier, VT 05602) 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM

(Two shows in one night!)

Saturday, March 24 – Burlington, VT – The Skinny Pancake   (60 Lake St., suite 1A, Burlington, VT 05401) 8 PM

Sunday, March 25 – Burlington, VT – Radio Bean (8 N. Winooski Ave., Burlington, VT 05401) 9 PM

Tuesday, March 27 – Lancaster, PA – Annie Bailey’s   (28-30 East King Street, Lancaster, PA 17602) 9 PM

Wednesday, March 28 – Philadelphia, PA – The Grape Lounge  (105 Grape Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127) 9 PM

Friday, March 30 – Baltimore, MD – Joe Squared  (133 W. North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201)  10 PM

Saturday, March 31 – Colesville, MDCommunity Concerts at Transfiguration  (13925 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD) 8 PM


Hope to see you on the road!

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I think a lot of you have already seen our new documentary on the Pocket Vinyl Facebook page, but in case you haven’t yet…

Yesterday Eric spent a good amount of time editing together a whole bunch of footage we took on our last week and a half long tour in early February. I have to admit, I never thought any of it would be worth watching, but Eric edited it together really well and it’s turned into a fun record of a really fun little trip. So, if you’re interested in seeing what it’d be like to go on a mini tour with Pocket Vinyl, I encourage you to check out our very first documentary, or as Eric likes to call it, our very first Pockumentary: (Also, I think my voice is weird! And I’m funny looking. It’s sort of unnerving to see myself on camera!)

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Alright, Pocket Vinyl has a bit of a mini tour coming up, starting tomorrow night in good ol’ Rochester! We love Rochester. Now, as always, ll of our up-to-date tour dates can be found on our website, PocketVinyl.com. But just to give you a bit of an update for this next week & a half, here’s what we’ve got:

Friday (tomorrow!), February 3 – Rochester, NY – Scott and Bonnie’s House  8 PM  (open to the public!) This is a DIY show at our good friends’ place. Also, we gave them one of Sister’s kittens (this one, specifically) and it’ll be so awesome to see her again!

Saturday, February 4 – New Castle, PA – Evening at Lovelight’s  8 PM

Tuesday, February 7 – California, PA – Jozart Studios    8 PM

Thursday, February 9 – Fredrick, MD – Cafe Nola   8 PM

Friday, February 10 – Catonsville, MD – House show with the Boxelders   8PM

Saturday, February 11 – Philadelphia, PA – Dawson Street Pub  10 PM


Hope to see some of you out for a show or two! Thanks for keeping updated!

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That’s what we’d decided to name Pocket Vinyl‘s Fall 2011 2-month-long tour. Which, by the way, officially starts tomorrow!!

Synesthesia” seemed an appropriate title for a few reasons: 98% of the time Eric will end a live show with his song I Hear Colours from the new PV album, Monsters Talking. In the song he describes how different songs have different hues in his mind. Another reason is the obvious I-paint-colours-while-Eric-plays-music deal. And finally (and not really significantly at all), I myself have grapheme-colour synesthesia (“d” & “h” & “9” are all green in my mind…). So, I think it’s an awesomely appropriate title for our tour!

And like I said, we officially start tomorrow with a show in Portland, Maine.

All the t-shirts have been sown, screen printed, ironed, folded and packed away. All the Monsters Talking albums have been glued, screen printed, folded, glued again, stuffed, and packed into boxes. Canvases have been gessoed. Laundry has been done and folded and is ready to go into the suitcase. I made a couple loaves of bread so we can save money by eating plenty of PB&J. We bought extra cat food & litter for my brother who’ll be watching over our kitty, Sister Sweater Moonshine. Eric is next to me finishing up his half of the wedding thank-yous. Basement studio’s been all cleaned up. My camera battery is charging. …What am I missing?

Here is the super sweet min-poster Eric recently made up, showing what dates we’ll be in what cities in these next two months. (He made this poster at the suggestion of Jesse from Beta Bursts; thanks for the input!) (And thanks to Andy Heist again for the photo!)

For more specifics on times and locations, check out the listings on the Pocket Vinyl website, here. I’ll also try to update pretty regularly on here too, with photos and adventures from shows, as well as a week’s look ahead, as I’ll do here:

place: Flask Lounge, 117 Spring St, Portland, ME (We played with a Philly band a few weeks back who said this was their favorite stop on their tour!)

date: TOMORROW! Wednesday, October 26, 2011

time: 9:00 pm


place: All Asia Bar, 334 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA

date: Thursday, October 27, 2011

time: 6:30 pm


place: The Sad Cafe, 148 Plaistow Rd./Rte. 125, Plaistow, NH 03865

date: Friday, October 28, 2011

time: 7:00 pm


place: Bombshelter, 55 Jordan Ave, Brunswick, ME (This is a DIY venue AND a Halloween party! So bring your costume!)

date: Saturday, October 29, 2011

time: 6:00 pm


Then we have two days off before our next show in Burlington, VT on the 31st. So, we’re really looking forward to some of the awesome adventures in store for us! Hope to see a lot of you as well as meet new friends in these next two months. Hope to sleep on lots of floors, couches, air mattresses, and futons (anything someone offers us beats sleeping in the car!!). See you on the road.

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