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I don’t usually update on a show the same day, but I want to make sure I stay on top of this and not let things pile up… Also, Eric is up working on taxes still (dumb Canadian/self-employed/newly married taxes) so I’m up anyways.

The first Pocket Vinyl show of our two month tour happened tonight! We played at Bean & Leaf in New London and had not a bad turn out. Chris was there, taking some video footage of the show. And Sandy, Eric’s band mate from Raise the Rent helped us out some with sound. A couple teachers from my old middle school came too! And my 8th grade art teacher once again won the painting bidding. (She got the painting at our last Telegraph show a little while back.)

As we were cleaning up and chatting with people, Don showed up! The poor guy had not only just missed our show, but he’d walked the entire way across town and apparently had a really rough time of it too (he has to walk with a cane because of his accident a while back). We were so disappointed he’d missed getting to see the show, so we talked with him a while and offered him a ride home. He invited us in and we talked and he showed us his wood projects and the sayings and doodles he had scrawled all over bits of cardboard on his walls and his table. He’s such a fascinating person. As a gift he gave me a few bits of bamboo lashed together with thin orange rope. I was sad we had to run home to get these taxes straightened out, but we’ll plan on visiting Don again when we come home from our tour. Not a bad start to these next two months.

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Well, Pocket Vinyl heads out on our next big two month tour tomorrow! Tonight we have a final “hometown” show in New London at Bean & Leaf. Show starts around 7:00; if you’re free you should stop by to send us off!

We’ve been spending these last few days pretty busily getting things ready. I spent a couple hours yesterday screen printing the covers for 100 more copies of Monsters Talking. We’re almost sold out of the original 200 that we made this past fall, which is great!

The new t-shirt design has also been selling much more quickly then we thought it would, so we decided to make up 50 more t-shirts with the same design to bring along on this tour. Same design, but different colours.

I finished up screen printing the last of those this afternoon, and Eric is still in the middle of ironing the designs to set them.

There are still a few odds and ends to finish up, including packing everything up, but for the most part we’re just about ready! I wonder what these next two months will hold for us…

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For the past couple weekends plus a few days here and there during the week, Pocket Vinyl has been working on a new (big!) music video with some help from friends! We finally finished shooting in the setting of the evening sun over beautiful New London. Since we did just release the Quiet Epiphany music video only a week ago, we’ll be waiting on releasing this upcoming video for a little while; as a matter of fact, Eric hasn’t even done the editing yet! But I just want to make sure that you’re on the lookout for this upcoming release, because it’s gonna be good (if I do say so myself!).

I have a few sneak peaks for you to get excited, and I’ll explain a little of what we did…

Primarily we used our two good friends from the area, Chris & Amanda (they’re so great, we love them!) and shot footage of them all around our beloved downtown New London.

Although it felt like beach weather (and I actually got a sunburn!) yesterday, for quite a few of the earlier days of shooting it was freezing and all of our little fingers were going numb from carrying things and painting. So at one point we ducked into the Telegraph, our awesome little local record shop. The Telegraph’s owners, Daphne & Rich, not only didn’t mind us doing some filming in the shop, but they jumped into a couple scenes as well!

Even I was able to jump behind the painting for a shot or two!

And of course, once we finished up filming yesterday we snapped a group shot by the giant whale mural outside Sarge’s Comics:

Well, I hope I’ve gotten you excited about this upcoming music video! Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when we release it!

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Once again, life has gotten too busy to write about it; funny how that happens. (Was that a humblebrag?)

Eric and I had to leave Jeremy’s place last Saturday evening and drive the 3 hours back to Connecticut for a show. Not a Pocket Vinyl show though; Raise the Rent was opening for Brown Bird at the Oasis Pub! After the long drive I was feeling grumpy and tired and almost stayed home, but once we got to the Oasis I was so happy I decided to come along. Not only were the performances spectacular, but Chris, Amanda, and Pat greeted us as well and they are just really awesome people.

Raise the Rent was up first:

It’s fun to get to watch Eric perform from off stage sometimes…

Brown Bird had a great performance as well; they’d played at the Newport Folk Fest this past summer, but we missed seeing them so this was our first time seeing them perform. Really good music and a fun show.

Another awesome time in New London. We love this place so much.

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Recently, when Eric and I were on New London’s local radio station, Moon Cheese Baby on WCNI with Karrie, a call came in from a man named Don. Karrie took his call and took down his number, and afterwards she explained that Don had won a free Monsters Talking Pocket Vinyl album the last time we’d been in (Gramma Dot’s show back in January), and because of this he wanted to give us a gift in return.

We took Don’s number and yesterday we found ourselves at his humble apartment in New London. Although I admit we were feeling cautious at first, what with going to a strange man’s house we knew nothing about, but Don turned out to be one of the sweetest old guys. He was sitting in a chair just inside his door when we arrive, next to a pile of found branches and logs that he had sanded and whittled, but only just slightly. He showed us different pieces of wood, handling each one carefully and referring to them as if they were alive and had feelings. Don is the kind of man who seems to view beauty in every thing he sees, and he wants to share this beauty. His gift to us was a knotty elbow of a dense branch, and turned it around in his hands he pointed out faces and said it reminded him of some of the monsters from our album cover.

Twenty or so years ago Don worked restoring the intricate artistic details in great old buildings around New England. Once, on a scaffolding, he took a wrong step and tumbled 80+ feet onto concrete. Within 6 months of this happening his house was foreclosed on him, and his wife and his mom passed away. He went through a ton of physical therapy and walks with a cane now, and he has difficulty focusing while he talks or making new memories. (Though he did say that music helps his remember old memories, and that’s why he loved listening to our album so much.) Despite all this Don is one of the most genuinely joyful people I have ever met. He is skinny with a big white beard and shaggy hair, and he walks around New London, collecting things he finds beautiful.

We talked with him for almost an hour, and unfortunately had to leave to get errands done, but I hope we get to stop in and visit him again soon. I feel like he has a lot of great stories, and a lot to say if someone would just listen to him.

Here’s the gift he gave us, our new monster:


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And the 3rd Pocket Vinyl adventure from this past weekend involved another WCNI radio interview! (New London’s local radio station, 90.9 FM.) This time we were on with our friend Karrie for her show, Moon Cheese Baby. Radio interviews are always such a fun time, and Eric and I both love Karrie. This interview had been a long time coming, scheduled and then rescheduled about 3 times I think.

It was cool to see a copy of Monsters Talking on the new music shelf…

After the show the three of us headed outside to record a couple WCNI promos for the station (so keep listening locals, and you might catch one of them on-air sometime!), and Karrie took a couple photos of the two of us:

Thanks for the opportunity Karrie, we love ya!

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Well, this weekend turned out to be full of Pocket Vinyl adventures. Like I said in my last post, we had two shows this past Saturday night (February 18) in New London, CT. Our first was at 6:30 pm at our beloved Telegraph, where we’d had our Monsters Talking cd release way back in the early fall, and where we always go for local record shopping in the area. A good handful of friends came out for the “pregame” show, and quite a few of them had been there for the cd release as well! Eric brought a 6 pack of our recent home brew to share, and we had a really fun little set.

A few weeks ago we’d run into my 8th grade art teacher at the Hygienic, caught up some and told her about Pocket Vinyl and what we do, and so she came out to the Telegraph that night to see the show, and she ended up winning the bid on the painting for the night!

Seeing my old 8th grade art teacher brought back nostalgic middle school memories that I reminisced over with Amanda. (Our friends Chris & Amanda came out for the shows in NL that night, and fun fact: Amanda and I actually were in 8th grade together and hung out pretty much all the time!)

Later into the night a bunch of us all paraded down the street to the Oasis Pub carrying all our stuff for the next show. Even though we’ve been living in Connecticut since July we have actually spent just as much time out of CT as we have been actually here in the past  7 months, just from touring and traveling so much. All that is to say, Saturday night was actually my first time ever in Oasis. It’s a pretty sweet little bar and venue, not to mention the fact that everyone there was super nice and welcoming. I have to say, Eric and I couldn’t feel more blessed with how this community has accepted us in as their own. We really love the people here.

We were first on the bill for the night, starting around 10:30 pm. I handed my camera off to Amanda right before going on, and she snapped a handful of good photos for us:

The painting turned out to be a sister painting to the previous one from the Telegraph show (I really like when things like that happen) and the bidding was won out by this guy John (disclaimer, he’s making a “duck face” because Eric had been joking on-stage about how ugly that face is, and how often it’s seen in photos on-line):

After our set a a Mystic, CT local band, Herff Jones, played…

And headlining the night was New Haven, CT locals, MT Bearington:

These guys have opened for Mates of State and Peter Bjorn and Johnand they have a couple albums on vinyl (available at the Telegraph, but we actually picked one up from their band merch after their set). Basically, we as Pocket Vinyl see these guys as our next step in where we want to go as a band. It was good to talk with them and swap a few stories.

(^ The backs of Amanda & Chris, watching the show.)

The night got pretty late and as MT Bearington wound down their set a lot of the crowd filtered out. Eric and I stayed until the end, and were loading up as all the other bars in NL closed at 2:00 am and the streets flooded with hundreds of people finding their way home. I have to say, especially as a female, I am not a fan of being surrounded by tons of drunk people, but I’m also really grateful to not have to face such situations alone.

Overall it was a really awesome night of music, art, & friends. Special thanks to everyone who made it such a great time.

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