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We’ll, Eric and I leave for our spring Pocket Vinyl tour (the Sister Tour) in about a half hour. To celebrate this kickoff, we uploaded a brand-spankin’-new music video!! You can read a little about the behind-the-scenes making-of here. We premiered it at one of the main stars’ (Chris) Birthday bash on the first day of spring two days ago, and finally, here it is up for everyone to see! We are so proud and happy and excited; I think I can speak for both Eric and I when I say this is our favorite video to-date! We hope you like it!

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Good mornin’ everyone!

As some of you might have seen, Pocket Vinyl has a new music video! It premiered solely for a little while on our good friend Pete Hutchinson‘s blog, Hutchdaddy Vinyl. (I recommend you checking out his Tumblr, it’s pretty sweet.)

To make this video Eric and I got inspired by part of a Tegan & Sara documentary, where they set up the video camera pointed at a stack of photographs on the table that they talk about as they slowly flip through them.

Originally the subjects for this video were going to be myself & Eric, but he had such a set upon vision that we were having difficulty with Eric wanting to be behind and in front of the camera at the same time. So instead we decided to call upon the help of our two very good friends, Henry & Ashley. While we were visiting them a few weeks back we had them act as the two main characters in a short wordless story. Eric snapped photos of them as they acted it out (they were really great, by the way). Then we sent away for the best 100 photos to get printed.

Actual “filming” of the video took place last week, as Eric ran the camera and I slowly shuffled through the photos. We timed things to flow smoothly with the music of the Pocket Vinyl song Quiet Epiphany, and adding in art where it seemed appropriate.

I hope you’ll take a look and share it around. We always love showing off our music videos and trying to be creative with the process.

P.S. I forgot to mention! Henry is actually also the drummer on this track, and most all of Pocket Vinyl’s recorded songs!

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I’ll be posting about our most recent shows later, but I couldn’t go to sleep tonight without showing off the publication of a Pocket Vinyl song that we viewed for the first time tonight. A brief background: Eric had been communicating with a company that sells songs to be used in movie trailers for over a year, and days before our wedding in July he finally got the call that Stand Point Theory from the album Protagonist was to be used in an indie documentary about climate change, titled Thrive. That’s all we knew. We got an ok ammount of money for the use f the song, which was neat…

Please take a couple minutes to check out the video on YouTube. We are 1) Thrilled to have Eric’s piano playing reach so many ears, and 2) Completely confused. What is this movie we’ve associated ourselves with now? I can’t even explain the ways our facial expressions changed as we watched this. So instead you should go check it out for yourselves. Let us know what you think! Be honest! We don’t know what to think ourselves. (Eric’s piano playing is for the first part of the trailer… the “weirder” part of the trailer.)

Also, if you haven’t already you should probably check out our music video that we made to the same song, here.


I compare our song being in this trailer to that one time we played a show at a mall’s Hot Topic last summer.

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If you’ve been reading this blog you may remember having read about our 8 adorable baby black kittens, and about our show at the Hessian Lion in Avon, Connecticut. It went really well, and they’ve invited us back to play another show there tonight! (In case you’ve just tuned in, by “us” I mean Pocket Vinyl.) They’re really cool people at that little venue, and we loved getting to know some of the regulars and workers. It’s always fun to connect with the people you’re working with. Quickly, the DL on tonight’s show:

place: Hessian Lion in Avon, CT (10 E. Main Street, Avon, CT 06001)

date: TONIGHT! Friday, October 11, 2011

time: who knows? Anywhere between 8 and 10 I’m guessing. They seem to like to get things started later here.

price: FREE!!

Also! Last night I screen printed a handful of brand-spankin’-new Pocket Vinyl t-shirts!! I don’t have photos yet, but I’ll probably do a little feature blog in a few days when things have settled down a little. (Tomorrow we have a show in New London, CT at the Bean & Leaf, and Sunday we have a show in Chester, NH at Chester College of New England.)


The other thing is about the cats! Hours after the kittens were born we decided to start recording little bits of each day with one of them, then we strung them together so you can actually watch this kitten grow from the day she was born until we placed her into the arms of her new adoptive parents! We also have the video going to Pocket Vinyl’s My Brother’s Time. If you like cute things, kittens, time-lapse videos, and/or awesome music, you should definitely check out this new video!

(Also, side note: we nicknamed the star of the video Virtue, after the cat in the Weakerthans’ songs, Plea From a Cat Named Virtue and Virtue the Cat Explains Her Departure. Both songs get me kind of choked up, and when I heard the first one featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered for songs that make you cry, I actually got teary-eyed.)



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The other day Eric, Jami, and I decided to put in a few hours outdoors on a beautiful day and get a long-planned Pocket Vinyl music video cranked out. I don’t want to give much away at all, but here are a few still shots from early in the video, and just know that we’re both super excited about it… Then go watch it and let us know what you think!

Watch Pocket Vinyl‘s video for A Little Joke.

In other news, we had our second local show last night, also in New London, at Bean & Leaf and it went well. My grandmother (Babchi) showed up with a friend, and there was a good crowd already hanging out drinking coffee. Plus, the guy who went home with the painting that night thinks he can get us connected to do a show or two at Connecticut College (right up the street from Bean & Leaf).
Our next show isn’t until a week from tomorrow, so we’ve got a bit of a break for a few days. Thanks for reading!

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Record Store Day is an internationally celebrated day observed the third Saturday of April each year. Its purpose, as conceived by independent record store employee Chris Brown, is to celebrate the art of music. The day brings together fans, artists, and the over 700 independently owned record stores in the United States, along with hundreds of independent record stores across the world.
Record Store Day was officially founded in 2007 by Eric Levin, Michael Kurtz, Carrie Colliton, Amy Dorfman, Don Van Cleave and Brian Poehner and is now celebrated globally with hundreds of recording and other artists participating in the day by making special appearances, performances, meet and greets with their fans, the holding of art exhibits, and the issuing of special vinyl and CD releases along with other promotional products to mark the occasion.

– From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

As I’ve mentioned, Eric and I love vinyl records. Admittedly, Eric more then myself. But we’re both super excited to bring our record collections together in holy matrimony. Well, the big celebration of this love (of records, that is) is coming up tomorrow!! And Eric and I are more then bummed about being stuck up here in the great white cold far far ever so far away from any record store. (Actually, I do wonder how far away the closest one is to us right now.)

Last year, Eric also had to miss it because he was still teaching in Korea. I was back in NY by that point and spent the day storming record stores in Rochester with four very awesome record-loving friends, snatching up Eric’s wish list for Record Store Day releases, along with armfuls of freebies.

This year, one of those awesome friends hold our wish list in pocket and will be fighting through the other crazed enthusiasts for some prized vinyl. (We are so looking forward to attacking this day next year in real-life!)

Well, since we couldn’t be a direct part of tomorrow’s big day, we decided to contribute instead in the little way that we can, by releasing an honor to Record Store Day music video for Pocket Vinyl’s song, Savior Dream. It’s a fairly dark song with some fairly dark art, but with a bit of quirky humor. Most of the art is done by myself, some was done by Eric, and all the photography was done by my dad. I could talk more about it, but I’d prefer you to just check it out! Consider this our free Record Store Day gift, and hit up your local record store tomorrow!

“Savior Dream” by Pocket Vinyl (Official Music Video). Made for Record Store Day

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You know, I can’t believe I haven’t posted Pocket Vinyl’s newest music video on here yet! I guess I must’ve just gotten distracted with other things. Anyways, it’s our first music video that actually doesn’t include any of my artwork (ok, that’s actually not true, at the beginning of the video it does show a page from issue three of The Black Meat, a running comic book I’ve been working on with the Porter Brothers that you should probably check out if you haven’t already).

Eric came up with the idea for this video, and to be honest, I was a little doubtful of it’s success, but actually it turned into one of our most fun video creations yet.

ALSO! Our good friend Andrew Davis remixed this Pocket Vinyl song using video game sounds! That’s right, he is that cool. And he’s a comic artist, so check out his stuff.

And I don’t think I’ve posted this yet, but you should also check out the beautifully edited video Ashley Hackett recorded for us at DIY apartment show we did over Christmas break, featuring the (as of yet) unreleased song Colours. I really like this video, one, because I never get to see what our shows look like to everyone else, and two, because it’s a little taste for those who can’t make it to a show.

Hope you enjoy the videos; take care loves.

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