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Well, Eric and I woke up outside Holyoke, MA on Friday March 23rd by the side of the highway. Sleeping in the car can make you a bit stiff, so we try to stretch every morning to keep us healthy…

We made our way slowly north to Montpelier, VT for our Pocket Vinyl show that night at the Black Door, a venue three stories up!! It was a lot of stairs to carry a piano up…

We were scheduled to play two separate sets that night, once starting around 8:30 and another at 10:30. The venue had a dinning area a floor below and they offered us some really delicious vegan salad & bean stew.It’s always so wonderful getting free vitamins when we’re on the road; it’s hard trying to eat well. The didn’t have a mic stand so Eric duck taped the microphone to an old vacuum cleaner to a chair. It worked pretty well.

At 8:30 the only one there was Sam, our really awesome British bartender. The girl who set things up recommended we wait until more of a crowd gathered. Apparently there was a film festival going on in town that same night. We waited until about 10:00, when a small handful of people trickled in.

Because of the low attendance we decided to just play the one set, but it went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy it! I painted a bit of a “mountain man” during the show…

Everyone there was so awesome and friendly, and I think we made some pretty great connections. After our set we decided to get in the car and drive on to Burlington, VT. Jacqueline, our good friend Dave’s sister (who we met on another tour in Burlington) had offered up her apartment for the entire weekend, and after our previous night of hardly any sleep, we figured we really needed it…


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I’m very behind on show updates. Let’s see…

Pocket Vinyl‘s show on Wednesday, November 2nd was at Charlie O’s World Famous in Montpelier, Vermont.

We’d arrived in Montpelier a couple hours early, despite taking our time with sampling some of Vermont’s finest local tastes. The small town is very quaint, and we enjoyed looking into some local shops and spending a bit of time using the wifi at a small coffee shop.

At Charlie O’s we played as part of their Day of the Dead festivities, and there seemed to be a pretty good crowd. We also were the only ones on that night and we played two 45 minute sets with a break in the middle. I decided to do two paintings, one for each set, and tried to work at having them go together:

When the guy who won the bid for the first (blue) painting noticed that the second (yellow) painting sort of went along the same vine, he decided to bid on both and won. Here they are together:

Also, this was the first time a couple people at the show told me that my work reminded them of M.C. Escher. That was very flattering.

We left Montpelier after midnight, thinking we’d drive into the night until we couldn’t stay awake any longer, and then pull over to sleep in the car. This would be our first time on this tour sleeping in the car. We headed towards Syracuse, NY, and not soon after we started we began to see signs of road damage from Hurricane Irene from a few months ago. We’d seen photos of damage in Vermont, but didn’t realize it was this bad. At one point we just reached a complete road block, declaring that the road we needed to take was completely washed out. We headed down a different way and punched in to our GPS to get us around it.

Looking at the map of our area we could see that getting over a mountain we were on the edge of would get us back on track, so we began heading up into the woods, following a paved road that turned into well-packed dirt, then pot-holed dirt, then gravely rocks. We slowly continued along this as the road became more and more narrow, turning into two muddy tire-tracks with weeds scrapping along the bottom of our car in the middle, and thick tall brambles hanging over and blotting out the stars.

Finally we hit a large rock under the car that brought us to a quick halt. Eric hopped out and looked down our path. The road seemed to disappear and instead turn into a cliff littered in huge boulders and snow. I smelled burned rubber and Eric was ankle deep in thick mud, and panic began to set in, as we were at least a half hour from paved road and had no idea if we’d even be able to get our car out of this mess.

And, of course, when you’re in this kind of situation sometime close to 2 o’clock in the morning, you start to imagine all kinds of terrifying outcomes!

Thankfully, we got the car turned around and back onto the harder packed dirt, and then back onto the pavement!! Eric had a rush of adrenaline though, so we continued driving until we found a well-lit ski shop parking lot where we finally parked and fell asleep.

Terrifying, but everything turned out fine! And we can just chalk it up to another Pocket Vinyl adventure.

(Me, waking up the next morning in the car.)


Oh and PS, today’s Eric’s 26th Birthday!!

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