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Last night Pocket Vinyl hit the road…

…for our first away show of the tour, in Northampton, Massachusetts, at the Elevens.

We were the last on the bill after two separate and very unique acts. The first was a band calling themselves And the Kids and the Pirates. They were an incredibly talented act, the entire time Eric and I were both so engaged and fascinated. Definitely check them out, they were awesome.

They were followed by a burlesque troupe. We have never played with such an act before, and it was really so interesting. We talked a whole bunch with their members afterwards; just really fascinating people.

We played last, and the bassist from the first band won the bid on my painting from our set.

It was after midnight by the time we finished our set. Hannah from And the Kids and the Pirates invited us back to “the studio” to possibly spend the night. Here place is crazy; she lives in a sectioned off area of a giant empty warehouse/factory, it was extremely surreal. There were a whole bunch of people there, and the party started after 1 am.

By about 4:00 am Eric was ready to pass out but everyone else was still planning on going for quite a few more hours, so we decided to take off. The guy who got the painting gave us a tip on a scenic parking area off the highway just a few miles north, so we spent the night sleeping in the car there. We do love and pray for adventures, and our first night definitely did not disappoint. Not a bad start to the tour I’d say.

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Eric and I are in a coffee shop in Portsmouth, Maine right now. We’re in day two of Pocket Vinyl‘s tour, after our first show at the Flask Lounge in Portland last night.

It was a nice little bar, and since we arrived early, we walked around Portland for a few hours. Just FYI, in case you’re planing a visit, most everything closes at 7:00 pm on weekdays. But we had a good time dancing along the cobblestones in the drizzly dark and popping into a pretty awesome local comic & toy shop.

Back at Flask, our old Houghton friend Cory Zingg showed up! He’s in his final year at the Maine College of Art (one of the schools I actually applied to and got accepted at back in my apply-for-art-school days). After an hour-long set (including Eric’s first public playing of Everlong by the Foo Fighters) one of the bar tenders got the painting for the night:

We then hung out and eventually spent the night with Cory & friends at an apartment a few block away. It was nice not to have to sleep in the car for our first night on tour! (Please excuse the bad quality of these photos.)

After leaving early-ish Eric and I checked out some more local shops (a record place and another comic shop where we picked up the new Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth) and then started heading towards our next show, in Cambridge MA at the All Asia Bar.

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Eric and I took a mini “fall break” last week, to spend some time in this amazing season. Eric missed out on his last two falls, last year being up in Schefferville with me, and the year before being in Korea, both places that don’t have the greatest falls. I was in Schefferville for both of my past falls, and then in Japan for the one before that. Actually, Japan had a wonderful fall, and a lot of how the season is changing now reminds me of being there and is making me ridiculously nostalgic for my time there.

Anyways, last Tuesday we headed up to Salem, Massachusetts so Eric could show me around the most perfect fall-themed town in New England and where he spent a couple past summers working in theater reenactment. We went to see the play he once acted in, and Eric had a great time asking ridiculous questions and really getting into it.

We stopped at his favorite bookstore.

Checked out the creepy old cemetery. (I love cemeteries so much!)

Got pumpkin beer at the local brewery.

And then walked around Gordon College, where Eric spent a semester, before meeting his old Gordon and theater friend Anne for Vietnamese in Brookline, outside of Boston.

We spent the night with his cousin Sonja, having pumpkin beers on the roof of her amazing apartment and spending hours talking.

The next day was spent wandering around Boston, enjoying our favorite season:

Becoming friends with local squirrels:

And finding a spot in Chinatown that had the first (non-homemade) Korean food we’ve had since leaving Korea! It was delicious, and such a fun time:

Thank you, New England, for being such a beautiful place to spend a season.

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