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Well, Eric and I woke up outside Holyoke, MA on Friday March 23rd by the side of the highway. Sleeping in the car can make you a bit stiff, so we try to stretch every morning to keep us healthy…

We made our way slowly north to Montpelier, VT for our Pocket Vinyl show that night at the Black Door, a venue three stories up!! It was a lot of stairs to carry a piano up…

We were scheduled to play two separate sets that night, once starting around 8:30 and another at 10:30. The venue had a dinning area a floor below and they offered us some really delicious vegan salad & bean stew.It’s always so wonderful getting free vitamins when we’re on the road; it’s hard trying to eat well. The didn’t have a mic stand so Eric duck taped the microphone to an old vacuum cleaner to a chair. It worked pretty well.

At 8:30 the only one there was Sam, our really awesome British bartender. The girl who set things up recommended we wait until more of a crowd gathered. Apparently there was a film festival going on in town that same night. We waited until about 10:00, when a small handful of people trickled in.

Because of the low attendance we decided to just play the one set, but it went really well and everyone seemed to enjoy it! I painted a bit of a “mountain man” during the show…

Everyone there was so awesome and friendly, and I think we made some pretty great connections. After our set we decided to get in the car and drive on to Burlington, VT. Jacqueline, our good friend Dave’s sister (who we met on another tour in Burlington) had offered up her apartment for the entire weekend, and after our previous night of hardly any sleep, we figured we really needed it…


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We’ll, Eric and I leave for our spring Pocket Vinyl tour (the Sister Tour) in about a half hour. To celebrate this kickoff, we uploaded a brand-spankin’-new music video!! You can read a little about the behind-the-scenes making-of here. We premiered it at one of the main stars’ (Chris) Birthday bash on the first day of spring two days ago, and finally, here it is up for everyone to see! We are so proud and happy and excited; I think I can speak for both Eric and I when I say this is our favorite video to-date! We hope you like it!

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Most likely. If you live on the east coast. Pocket Vinyl is hitting a lot of towns and cities between Vermont and Georgia, and as far west as Oklahoma! I’ll try to update on here where we’ll be going each week, but you can always check out our complete schedule on PocketVinyl.com.

I already mentioned tonight’s show, but just in case…

Wednesday, March 21 – New London, CT – Bean & Leaf  (13 Washington St, New London, CT 06320)  7:30 PM

Thursday, March 22 – Northampton, MA – The Elevens  (140 Pleasant St. · Northampton, Massachusetts · 01060) 8 PM

Friday, March 23 – Montpilier, VT – The Black Door   (44 Main Street Montpelier, VT 05602) 8:30 PM and 10:30 PM

(Two shows in one night!)

Saturday, March 24 – Burlington, VT – The Skinny Pancake   (60 Lake St., suite 1A, Burlington, VT 05401) 8 PM

Sunday, March 25 – Burlington, VT – Radio Bean (8 N. Winooski Ave., Burlington, VT 05401) 9 PM

Tuesday, March 27 – Lancaster, PA – Annie Bailey’s   (28-30 East King Street, Lancaster, PA 17602) 9 PM

Wednesday, March 28 – Philadelphia, PA – The Grape Lounge  (105 Grape Street, Philadelphia, PA 19127) 9 PM

Friday, March 30 – Baltimore, MD – Joe Squared  (133 W. North Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21201)  10 PM

Saturday, March 31 – Colesville, MDCommunity Concerts at Transfiguration  (13925 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD) 8 PM


Hope to see you on the road!

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I know I said the most recent post would be my last today… But I just can’t help my excitement over this article that just came up in the Bangor Daily News from our last Maine show! Awesome, awesome writing! Please check it out!


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I mentioned this a few posts back, but with a new addition, I wanted to do a quick little re-post… And I promise this will be the last post of the day! Sorry for the huge update overload.

Tomorrow (as I said) Pocket Vinyl has another New London local show, at the Bean & Leaf. Facebook event here.

But you should know about that already. What you might not know about though is another bit of publicity that came up for us recently, in New London’s local on-line zine, Wailing City. Please check it out (here) if you get a chance. It was a fun little interview to do. (I don’t think we’ve had a bad interview yet, knock-on-wood.)

Eric and I are also hoping to get involved more into the local New London scene by possibly submitting a music video or two to this, and I might try to submit a painting to this exhibit. And I also want to try submitting a painting or two to this exhibit, closer to where we live. So, yeah. I want to get more involved artistically.

And, I’ve been working on finishing up some comic book pages for The Black Meat, which I’ll hopefully finish up soon and so will be posting those. And I’m working on commissions, knitting socks, I’ll be starting illustrations for another children’s book soon… So yeah, keeping busy art-wise. Let me know if you’re looking into any commissions soon! Thanks for reading!

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I wonder if this place only has shows on Mondays…?

In order to help pay the gas and tolls to get into NYC and make our trip to Brooklyn worthwhile, Pocket Vinyl booked a show just a few blocks from Roberta’s, also for yesterday (Monday, January 9th), at a cute cafe called, you guessed it, Goodbye Blue Monday.

After hanging around Brooklyn for the afternoon and getting falafels from a street vendor, we opened the night at the venue around 9:30 and played  a 45ish minute set. It went well, and we sold the painting to the girl working at the bar. People treated us really nicely, but unfortunately we had to head out before the next band started for the 3 hour drive back to Connecticut. Not a bad little trip to New York City.

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Saturday, January 7th, was not only an awesome day, but we also again made Pocket Vinyl history!!

We arrived in Brunswick, Maine in the morning and spent some time hanging around, checking out the awesome records and deals at Bull Moose, and waiting for our next show. This was also the second time we’d been in Brunswick, with a show back in October at the DIY venue the Bombshelter. Saturday night’s show was also at the Bombshelter; they treat us so well there, and Nick always does an amazing job of making sure shows get advertised all over town.

In the evening we headed to the venue and met up with the other bands, including Vite Vite Brigitte, which we loved playing with last time we were through.

Subversivematter started the night, with Nick (our host) on drums…

And next up was one half of Calamgrostis (aka, David)…

Hitting the stage next with an awesome set was Vite Vite Brigitte, and although they were missing their bass player, they did have their main singer (who hadn’t been there last time). They also played a special cover just for Patrick, Nick’s housemate, which was a blast.

A few days earlier Nick had been talking to a reporter for the local Brunswick newspaper, The Times Record, and so a reporter and photographer stopped by the show to check things out, get a few photos, and do a write-up about the Bombshelter. Here are the two photos used for the article, taken by Troy R. Bennett:

And, a summery of the article written by Darren Fishell (check out the link, it includes a live recording from the show).

We were the last band to play, and at the end of our set a bit of a bidding war went on, and this is where that PV history I mentioned before took place…

Patrick, who’d won the bid on the last Pocket Vinyl painting done at the Bombshelter (check it out here), won this painting as well at a record $250 for a live painting!

After things began winding down and people started heading for home, Eric and I packed up and drove out to Reeve & Hannah’s, who we’d stayed with after our last Brunswick show as well. The next next, Sunday, we headed back to CT in the morning. Overall, a pretty awesome weekend in Maine.


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