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Last night Pocket Vinyl hit the road…

…for our first away show of the tour, in Northampton, Massachusetts, at the Elevens.

We were the last on the bill after two separate and very unique acts. The first was a band calling themselves And the Kids and the Pirates. They were an incredibly talented act, the entire time Eric and I were both so engaged and fascinated. Definitely check them out, they were awesome.

They were followed by a burlesque troupe. We have never played with such an act before, and it was really so interesting. We talked a whole bunch with their members afterwards; just really fascinating people.

We played last, and the bassist from the first band won the bid on my painting from our set.

It was after midnight by the time we finished our set. Hannah from And the Kids and the Pirates invited us back to “the studio” to possibly spend the night. Here place is crazy; she lives in a sectioned off area of a giant empty warehouse/factory, it was extremely surreal. There were a whole bunch of people there, and the party started after 1 am.

By about 4:00 am Eric was ready to pass out but everyone else was still planning on going for quite a few more hours, so we decided to take off. The guy who got the painting gave us a tip on a scenic parking area off the highway just a few miles north, so we spent the night sleeping in the car there. We do love and pray for adventures, and our first night definitely did not disappoint. Not a bad start to the tour I’d say.

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I don’t usually update on a show the same day, but I want to make sure I stay on top of this and not let things pile up… Also, Eric is up working on taxes still (dumb Canadian/self-employed/newly married taxes) so I’m up anyways.

The first Pocket Vinyl show of our two month tour happened tonight! We played at Bean & Leaf in New London and had not a bad turn out. Chris was there, taking some video footage of the show. And Sandy, Eric’s band mate from Raise the Rent helped us out some with sound. A couple teachers from my old middle school came too! And my 8th grade art teacher once again won the painting bidding. (She got the painting at our last Telegraph show a little while back.)

As we were cleaning up and chatting with people, Don showed up! The poor guy had not only just missed our show, but he’d walked the entire way across town and apparently had a really rough time of it too (he has to walk with a cane because of his accident a while back). We were so disappointed he’d missed getting to see the show, so we talked with him a while and offered him a ride home. He invited us in and we talked and he showed us his wood projects and the sayings and doodles he had scrawled all over bits of cardboard on his walls and his table. He’s such a fascinating person. As a gift he gave me a few bits of bamboo lashed together with thin orange rope. I was sad we had to run home to get these taxes straightened out, but we’ll plan on visiting Don again when we come home from our tour. Not a bad start to these next two months.

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I’ve got a handful of catching up to do, and I’ll start with Pocket Vinyl‘s recent weekend trip to Maine. On Friday, January 6, we had our second show in Portland (you might remember that the first show of our Synesthesia tour was also in Portland). Only this time we played at a DIY venue, that doesn’t really have a name. It’s just “131 Washington”.

It’s a sort of warehouse-type building that two guys, Colin & Alex, are working at making into an art space, complete with a stage area and multiple rooms for art studios. Even though they’ve had shows there before, while we were there was the first time they were participating in Portland’s First-Friday Art Walk, which was neat. They had wine and crackers and lots of cheeses, and we hung out and met a bunch of the people involved in the place before things got started.

One act that went before us was a short performance art piece by two girls commenting on gender roles and female abuse. It was interesting, I don’t think we’ve ever played with a non-musical art piece before.

After our set, Colin, one of the guys who’d set up the show, bought the painting.

Our friends Cory and Ellen came, and it was nice to see them both again (the last time had been on our last trip to Portland).

Alex, the other guy in charge of the show, let us crash at his place for the night, and we were off pretty early the next morning, heading towards Brunswick, Maine.

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