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I don’t usually update on a show the same day, but I want to make sure I stay on top of this and not let things pile up… Also, Eric is up working on taxes still (dumb Canadian/self-employed/newly married taxes) so I’m up anyways.

The first Pocket Vinyl show of our two month tour happened tonight! We played at Bean & Leaf in New London and had not a bad turn out. Chris was there, taking some video footage of the show. And Sandy, Eric’s band mate from Raise the Rent helped us out some with sound. A couple teachers from my old middle school came too! And my 8th grade art teacher once again won the painting bidding. (She got the painting at our last Telegraph show a little while back.)

As we were cleaning up and chatting with people, Don showed up! The poor guy had not only just missed our show, but he’d walked the entire way across town and apparently had a really rough time of it too (he has to walk with a cane because of his accident a while back). We were so disappointed he’d missed getting to see the show, so we talked with him a while and offered him a ride home. He invited us in and we talked and he showed us his wood projects and the sayings and doodles he had scrawled all over bits of cardboard on his walls and his table. He’s such a fascinating person. As a gift he gave me a few bits of bamboo lashed together with thin orange rope. I was sad we had to run home to get these taxes straightened out, but we’ll plan on visiting Don again when we come home from our tour. Not a bad start to these next two months.

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It’s been a while since I’ve updated anything on here… I’ve actually been really busy just flat-out working on artwork at home, which has been nice. Now, I’ll try to get in some quick updates here not only on that artwork, but also on the recent shows we’ve been having (including out 100th show last night!!)

Let’s see now…

On Wednesday January 11 Pocket Vinyl had a pretty good turn out for our local New London show at the good ol’ Bean & Leaf. This was our 3rd show there, and our best audience-wise thus far. Our good friends Chris & Amanda came out to support us; they have been a very welcoming couple friend to us as we’ve started to get settled in this corner of Connecticut, and Eric and I are both so grateful to count them as good friends in the area.

It was also Amanda’s birthday week, so during our drive back from NYC earlier that week I’d knitted her a pair of warm green socks:

The painting from that night went to not only the most attentive audience member I think we’ve ever had (she literally stood transfixed barely 3 feet behind me, watching the painting, for our entire hour+ long set!), but she was also the youngest (and I think I can say cutest) winner of one of our paintings! She won the painting bid at 5 years old (with the help of her mom) and we were happy to give it to her!

I like knowing that we made a very young and hopefully long-term fan!

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New shows are coming up fast, and I just realized I need to do a quick blog about them before it’s too late! Of course, you can always check out our complete list of future (and past) tour dates on PocketVinyl.com. Buuuuut, just in case you missed it, here’s what’s going on (the start of the Sister Tour, 2012):

Two Maine shows:

Friday, January 6 – Portland, ME – 131 Washington St. (DIY show)  8 PM and….

Saturday, January 7 – Bruinswick, ME – The Bombshelter    7 PM (Facebook event here)

We played at the Bombshelter at the beginning of the Synesthesia Tour, which you can read about here.

Then we’re heading back into New York City for the first time since summer 2010.

On Monday, January 9 we have a radio interview with Snacky Tunes, a food/music Podcast that we listen to regularly on the road and that I’m pretty sure streams live. So, that’ll be at 2:00 pm this coming Monday, if you want to take a listen to a Pocket Vinyl interview/live in-studio performance. If you miss the live version though, I’d recommend listening to the Podcast later on. I’ll post details on that after it happens. (It doesn’t cost a cent to listen to a Podcast, guys.) (Facebook event with details here)

And to make the ridiculous tolls to get into NYC worth it, we will have a show in Brooklyn as well, so if you’re in the area, come by and see us!

Monday, January 9 – Brooklyn, NYGoodbye Blue Monday  9 PM

Then, in little more then a week from today, we have another good ol’ hometown show:

Wednesday, January 11 – New London, CT – Bean & Leaf –  7 PM (Facebook event here)

And, the new Pocket Vinyl t-shirts are coming along, just finished the design tonight.

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Eric and I (Pocket Vinyl… I find it weird to refer to us as “Pocket Vinyl” when I talk about band adventures. It just seems like I’m pretentiously talking about myself in the 3rd person. On the other hand, I keep trying to remind myself that this might be the first post someone reads on my blog, and I want to make sure they have some reference to start from! Anyways…) So Eric and I just pulled back in to Preston, CT after a pretty interesting and fun weekend.

We had a “local” show on Saturday night at Bean & Leaf in new London again. We’re starting to feel like New London is kind of our “scene” when it comes to local music. We like it down there. And hopefully soon we’l be getting into the art scene as well with a gallery show or two, which would be sweet. Honestly it’s just nice to sort of “belong” somewhere, to start to become “local”.

As we started unloading stuff from the car, Eric suddenly looked over at me asking where his piano bench was. We quickly realized that we left it all the way back in Avon the night before! He called up Kyle, our super sweet sound guy from the hessian Lion. Eric was getting stressed, and I tried to get him to calm down and we’d just set up and do the show with a stool Bean & Leaf had… Then I realized we also left my easel in Avon! Guess we were too distracted by the sounds of Azwan & the Savages. Eric called up Kyle again and I set up this:

The ol’ chair on a tabletop deal. Ha! It worked though! And we had a nice intimate set. One of our new New London fans, Bill, got the painting for that night:

We also moved a few of our new t-shirts that night! And, we met a young girl named Jessica who is running for office in New London. She is the youngest candidate at the age of 21 and I admire her spunk. She asked if we could play at a political fundraiser she’s holding later this month, and we agreed. I’ll post more on that as the date approaches. The evening ended at our good friend Amanda’s place watching Bridesmaids. It was nice to be able to hang out and relax with a friend in between Pocket Vinyl stuff.

The next day (Sunday) after church and some panicked running around, we finally started road-tripping our way up to New Hampshire! I loved seeing the leaves become more and more vibrant as we drove farther north. October is probably my favorite month, I love fall so much! (And I love candy-corn pumpkins!)

We made a short detour back to the Hessian Lion in Avon to pick up our piano bench and easel! Kyle had left them outside the bar for us so we could easily pick them up on our way through. He’s such a great guy.

When we arrived at Chester College in New Hampshire, we suddenly realized it was a holiday weekend when we couldn’t find anyone on campus!

We soon found a student to point us in the right direction. Chester College is pretty neat; it’s a bunch of old barns converted into a liberal arts college, emphasis on the arts. Annnd there’s only like 150 students there! Crazy! We met up with my old friend Blaine, who’s now the activities coordinator for the college around 6:15, after driving around for a bit and getting slightly creeped out by the tons of scarecrows propped up everywhere with the same face!! Creepy.

We hung out and had snacks and played Skip-Bo and got to know a handful of students, before an intimate hour-long set.

It was a lot of fun, and we hung out afterwards as well. Just very chill and relaxed. Eric and I both really enjoyed it. Blaine got the painting (sorry poor college kids; we were there once too). Here she is, with her tiny-headed dog, Spooky.

Then, instead of having to sleep in the car or on a floor, we actually got a bed and our own little dorm apartment to sleep in! They treat us so nice! We headed for home this morning, making a quick breakfast stop at this adorable little diner, simply for it’s name:

And their catch phrase is “So good it’ll make you cry.” Adorable! And delicious food. If you’re ever in Derry, NH I highly recommend it.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Happy Thanksgiving Canadians! Hope you’re enjoying your Canadian goose today. We celebrated by listening to a podcast featuring the Tragically Hip on the way home.

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We filmed a new Pocket Vinyl music video for I Am Not Japan yesterday! And my legs are killing from having to constantly crouch down, kneel, and stand up again. But you’ll just have to see what it looks like when we release it! (When Eric get to editing it together.)

Also, our Hessian Lion show went really well last night too! It was cool to see Kyle again, our awesome and ever-thoughtful sound guy, as well as a handful of other workers and such from our last show there a few weeks ago.

It was pointed out that the painting from our last show there was proudly hanging on the wall (and our poster for last night right next to it!).

I have to admit, it was pretty surreal to see one of my paintings again, weeks after I’d done it. I mean, usually I do the on-stage painting, hand it off to the highest bidder, take a photograph, and never see it again! Within an hour or 2 of first starting it it’s gone. Seeing it again, hanging there on the wall, sort of weirded me out. Heh. But it was still really cool.

We played a nice hour-long set, which gave me a good amount of time to work on this painting last night:

The band that followed us had a sweet sound, and although we stuck around for a good amount, it was too bad we had to duck out before their set was finished to get home. They are Azwan & the Savages and I highly recommend giving them a listen, they were a lot of fun.

In other news, we have a show tonight! back to New London, at the Bean & Leaf again. It’s a comfortable little coffee shop venue, they treat us nice and the costumers are polite. It’ll be a good time. Plus their food and drinks are delicious! The info on that:

place: Bean & Leaf, 13 Washington Street, New London, CT 06320

date: TONIGHT! Saturday, October 8, 2011

time: We’ll be getting things started around 7:30 pm I’d say.

price: FREE!! Can’t beat that!

And as a head’s up (since I doubt I’ll have the time to write about this tomorrow morning): We also have a show tomorrow at Chester College of New England in Chester, New Hampshire! Info on that:

place: Chester College of New England, 40 Chester St., Chester, NH 03036

date: TOMORROW! October 9, 2011

time: The Open Mic event starts at 7:00 pm, we’ll be going on at 8:00.

price: FREE!! (I’m pretty sure.)

Also, there is a Facebook event set up for this by my ol’ friend Blaine! And apparently there will be refreshments. Sweet!

Maybe we’ll see some of you guys in these next few days! We look forward to it.

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The other day Eric, Jami, and I decided to put in a few hours outdoors on a beautiful day and get a long-planned Pocket Vinyl music video cranked out. I don’t want to give much away at all, but here are a few still shots from early in the video, and just know that we’re both super excited about it… Then go watch it and let us know what you think!

Watch Pocket Vinyl‘s video for A Little Joke.

In other news, we had our second local show last night, also in New London, at Bean & Leaf and it went well. My grandmother (Babchi) showed up with a friend, and there was a good crowd already hanging out drinking coffee. Plus, the guy who went home with the painting that night thinks he can get us connected to do a show or two at Connecticut College (right up the street from Bean & Leaf).
Our next show isn’t until a week from tomorrow, so we’ve got a bit of a break for a few days. Thanks for reading!

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