Tour Prep

Well, Pocket Vinyl heads out on our next big two month tour tomorrow! Tonight we have a final “hometown” show in New London at Bean & Leaf. Show starts around 7:00; if you’re free you should stop by to send us off!

We’ve been spending these last few days pretty busily getting things ready. I spent a couple hours yesterday screen printing the covers for 100 more copies of Monsters Talking. We’re almost sold out of the original 200 that we made this past fall, which is great!

The new t-shirt design has also been selling much more quickly then we thought it would, so we decided to make up 50 more t-shirts with the same design to bring along on this tour. Same design, but different colours.

I finished up screen printing the last of those this afternoon, and Eric is still in the middle of ironing the designs to set them.

There are still a few odds and ends to finish up, including packing everything up, but for the most part we’re just about ready! I wonder what these next two months will hold for us…

Our St Patrick’s Day Pocket Vinyl show was our third time back in Brunswick, Maine, at one of our favorite DIY venues, the Bombshelter. This was our last time playing at this awesome house venue, since the wonderful couple that host these shows, Stephanie & Nick, are moving out within the month.

They assured everyone though that they will be doing all they can to find a new location so they can continue to host DIY shows no matter where they go. Fingers are crossed that we’ll see them all again sometime.

The acts for the night started out with two solo singer-songwriters who only played a few songs each…

And then, of course, we have not played a Bombshelter show yet without the multi-talented Vite Vite Brigitte and in VVB history it was the first time all 5 members of the band were performing together! They played a great set, with a lot of the classics we love off their album (including the sweet Red Hot Chili Peppers/Sufjan Stevens mash-up) and ended the set with a cover of Arcade Fire’s Wake Up.

We finished up the night with our set. And a little Pocket Vinyl history was also made that night! Patrick, who also lives at the Bombshelter with Nick & Stephanie, had gotten the painting at the past two shows we’d played their, including being the first one to break a new bidding record for amount paid for a painting at a show. Eric always jokes on stage that everyone who comes to one of our shows is already a Pocket Vinyl Bronze Club Member. If someone buys a painting they enter the Silver Club Membership; if they buy two paintings they’ve entered the Gold Club Membership… St Patrick’s night at the Bombshelter, Patrick (appropriately) was the first to ever enter into the Pocket Vinyl Platinum Club Membership by being the first person to ever buy three Pocket Vinyl paintings! It was pretty exciting. Here he is with the one I painted that night:

And then we had him set up all three of his paintings so we could see the progression from show to show:

Stephanie commented how it looked like I’d grown in my painting technique from each show, which is always really nice to hear!

After packing up we said our final goodbyes. Matt & Ryan, the brothers in Vite Vite Brigitte, said we could crash at their place near Portland, which was great. A pretty sweet & memorable St Patrick’s Day!

Here’s what happened: We were suppose to have two shows in Maine this past weekend. After getting back from  the Raise the Rent shows we spent the morning on Friday, March 16 getting ready, and then hit the road for Portland. We arrived at Blue around 7:20 and were told that our set had been scheduled to start at 6:00!! We were an hour and a half late!! After an already pretty crappy day, this just topped it off. It was just a stupid mistake on our part. Luckily the girl working was super nice and understanding and invited us back another time. Exhausted and defeated and left and headed towards Brunswick for our next gig…

Saturday, March 17th, and St Patrick’s Day! …was a lot better. Since we had time to kill we spent a lot of it out in the sunshine arouynd beautiful Maine!

We found a bit of a hidden nature sanctuary and ventured off the paths…

And although we didn’t really encounter any St Patrick’s Day festivities, we did partake in Burger King’s free French fries for the holiday!

Eric had to do some computery type work (like edit together the new Pocket Vinyl music video!! Up soon, stayed tuned.) so we camped out at the local Brunswick library for a few hours. I wandered off and found a big sweet-looking church to sketch (like I mentioned before, I want to do more sketching).

Next up, our St Paddy’s Night show & some Pocket Vinyl history.

From Burlington Eric & I followed Raise the Rent to Belchertown, (ha!) Massachusetts, where they played a show that night (Thursday, March 15) at Black Moon.

The venue was having a little art show going on at the same time, and it was neat to see the different art styles. Also, we loved seeing these signs up on the walls:

I don’t think people realize how big a deal this can be; when you’re on stage trying to show off your talents in what you feel is the best way possible as you seek approval from the entire room, it is the most frustrating and distracting thing to have people talking in the audience. It’s a slap in the face, saying you could care less about the person pouring their heart out on stage for your entertainment. Be respectful.

Like I said, I want to practice sketching more.

That’s Eric on piano, Bob on drums, Daphne on guitar, & Sandy on bass.

After the show we drove the couple hours back home to Connecticut, to get a night’s sleep in our own bed before heading out again more more shows.


This past week has been a busy, and very stressful, one. Eric and I hit the road the morning of Wednesday the 14th of March, heading up towards Burlington, Vermont, after packing in a whole bunch of extra non-Pocket Vinyl related gear. Eric had 2 out-of-town shows with the local band he’s joined recently, Raise the Rent. There was room for me to come along so I did, as a non-performer. Not going to lie, that aspect was weird and difficult for me to grasp. I’m not sure I like not performing and just being an audience member. I missed being on-stage.

Anyways, the first show was at a little bar called Red Square. Our Burlington friend, our friend Dave’s sister, and the one who so kindly opened her place to us last time Eric and I were in town, showed up for a bit! It was great seeing her, and we’ll be staying with her when Pocket Vinyl tours up there again later this week!

Since I wasn’t on-stage I decided to do some sketching. It’s been a long while since I’ve sketched and I want to get back into it. Here’s my view from behind the stage:

Then I moved around to the front, but I was done sketching.

We stayed at a friend of Daphne’s (Raise the Rent’s singer & songwriter), and spent a good part of Thursday walking around downtown Burlington. Heading into a record shop Eric and I spotted this:

A poster for the movie we’re loosely associated with!!

Last year, just a few days before our wedding in fact, Eric got a call that one of Pocket Vinyl’s songs had been picked up to be in a trailer for a documentary! We were thrilled and it was a welcomed chunk of change when we could really use it. Months later we watched the trailer and were pretty… surprised? Anyways, check it out for yourself. The song at the very beginning of the trailer is written and performed by Eric, and can be found on the 2010 album Protagonist.

Since I’ve been neglecting this blog and I seem to be on a bit of a posting roll right now…

Tomorrow Eric and I load up the piano and a few other items that don’t belong to us and head up to Burlington, Vermont for a non-Pocket Vinyl show! Yep, we’re hitting the road for a very short 2 show mini tour with Daphne Lee Martin & Raise the Rent. In case you’ve missed the past few mentions of this band, Eric has jumped onto their group as the piano player (when we’re not out of town for Pocket Vinyl stuff).

Like I said, the first show will be in Burlington, VT, at Red Square, 136 Church Street, tomorrow. Show goes from 7:00 until 10:00. Stop by if you can and keep me company (since I won’t be performing)! Here’s the Facebook event.

Thursday night’s show is a little closer to home, at Black Moon Music Lounge, 37 State St, Belchertown, MA 01007. This show goes from 8:00 until 11:00, and we’ll be heading home soon afterwards. Here’s the Facebook event for that one.

Then, after a night at home in Connecticut just Eric and I will be heading up to Maine for two Pocket Vinyl shows!

Friday March 16 we’ll be in Portland, Maine, at Blue, (650A Congress St, Portland, ME 04101-3305) and we start out the show at 6:00.

Saturday March 17 (St Patrick’s Day!) we’ll be back at one of our favorite DIY venues, the Bombshelter in Brunswick, Maine (with Vite Vite Brigitte!). 55 Jordan Ave, Brunswick, Maine. Things will most likely be starting close to 8:00.

Then it’s just a few short days before we go on our next big 2 month tour!! Hope to see you at one of these shows or on the road!

For the past couple weekends plus a few days here and there during the week, Pocket Vinyl has been working on a new (big!) music video with some help from friends! We finally finished shooting in the setting of the evening sun over beautiful New London. Since we did just release the Quiet Epiphany music video only a week ago, we’ll be waiting on releasing this upcoming video for a little while; as a matter of fact, Eric hasn’t even done the editing yet! But I just want to make sure that you’re on the lookout for this upcoming release, because it’s gonna be good (if I do say so myself!).

I have a few sneak peaks for you to get excited, and I’ll explain a little of what we did…

Primarily we used our two good friends from the area, Chris & Amanda (they’re so great, we love them!) and shot footage of them all around our beloved downtown New London.

Although it felt like beach weather (and I actually got a sunburn!) yesterday, for quite a few of the earlier days of shooting it was freezing and all of our little fingers were going numb from carrying things and painting. So at one point we ducked into the Telegraph, our awesome little local record shop. The Telegraph’s owners, Daphne & Rich, not only didn’t mind us doing some filming in the shop, but they jumped into a couple scenes as well!

Even I was able to jump behind the painting for a shot or two!

And of course, once we finished up filming yesterday we snapped a group shot by the giant whale mural outside Sarge’s Comics:

Well, I hope I’ve gotten you excited about this upcoming music video! Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when we release it!