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Alright, since Eric and I hit the road tomorrow, I figure I should put up our next week’s schedule. As a matter of fact, Pocket Vinyl will be having a show every day for the next 19 days of November! For our complete list, check out the tour dates on Pocket Vinyl’s page, but for the next 7 days, here’s the nuts & bolts:


place: Radio Bean, 8 North Winooski Avenue, Burlington, Vermont 05401

date: Tuesday, November 1, 2011

time: 8:00 pm


place: Charlie O’s World Famous, 70 Main Street Suite 1, Montpelier, VT 05602

date: Wednesday, November 2, 2011

time: 8:00 pm


place: New Hope Church, 7987 State Fair Blvd, Baldwinsville NY 13027

date: Thursday, November 3, 2011

time: 8:00 pm


place: Boulder Coffee, 100 Alexander St, Rochester, NY

date: Friday, November 4, 20911

time: 8:00 pm


place: The Crossing, 35 Pennsylvania Ave West, Warren, PA

date: Saturday, November 5, 2011 (Eric’s birthday!)

time: 8:00 pm


place: Filigrees, 1121 Elmwood Ave Buffalo, NY 14222

date: Sunday, November 6, 2011

time: 8:00 pm


place: Java 101, Houghton College Campus Center, Houghton, NY

date: Monday, November 7, 2011

time: 8:00 pm


And that’s this coming week! To finish off this post, here’s our newest music video, that Eric just finished putting together: I Am Not Japan.

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As of this very minute this blog has reached 10,000 views!! Thank you to everyone for reading and checking out photos of my art and Pocket Vinyl‘s adventures. You are awesome. I would do a give-away to celebrate, but I have no idea what I’d give away! If a bunch of you comment with some suggestions, maybe I’ll do a draw and whoever’s name I choose I will send that lucky person whichever gift they like! (Only if a good amount of people comment though.)

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The sky outside this colonial dinning room window is an incredible milky orange over a field surrounded by thick, black, silhouettes of trees and a deep layer of icy snow; the gorgeous view is supplemented with the cozy warmth of this house and the delicious scents of all different kinds of homemade pizzas. Eric and I are currently enjoying all of these things at my cousin Billy and his wife Krista’s amazing home in Shapleigh, Maine. Eric and I have decided that we absolutely love Maine. We talked about how it would be a wonderful place to move to someday, as we drove winding roads cleared of deep snow (it’s 18 inches here right now) and roofed by brilliantly orange and yellow fall leaves (what a gorgeous contrast!).

Pocket Vinyl has today and tomorrow off, and it worked out amazingly that my cousins live not far off our rout between our show last night, and our next show, in Burlington, VT; and that they have been so willing to open up their beautiful house to us for these next couple of days.

Last night’s show took place at the DIY venue, the Bombshelter, in Brunswick, Maine:

It was suppose to be a Halloween party/show, but I really wanted to find a masquerade-type mask and we could not find one anywhere! Eric took a piece of paper taped to his chest and wrote “Go ceiling!!” on it He was a ceiling fan.

We were suppose to play with 2 other bands, but the guys from California never showed up. Instead we hung out with Vite Vite Brigitte and had some delicious homemade soup by Stephanie and Nick, our hosts at the Bombshelter.

Vite Vite Brigitte opened the night and played a completely spectacular set. I strongly recommend checking them out, their Red Hot Chili Pepper/Sufjan Stevens mash-up is amazing! We’re really looking forward to playing with these guys again sometime in the near future.

We played a 45 minute set following, and the VVB guys were nice enough to stick around, despite the drive back to Portland in the quickly coming blizzard that faced them.

Patrick, our extremely enthusiastic dancer at the show and Nick & Stephanie’s housemate, won the bit on the painting for last night:


Earlier that night Eric had gotten a call from his brother Tyler, letting us know that his childhood friend Reeve happened to be living with his wife Hannah and their two small kids not far from Brunswick, and that they’d love for us to come crash at their place for the night! Eric had’t seen Reeve in years and was looking forward to catching up, so after our set and some hanging out and chatting, we headed outside to discover a once clear front lawn had be completely dumped on with a few thick inches of snow since we’d started the show!

We loaded up and drove out into it anyways, and Eric swears it was the worst snow he has ever driven in. What should’ve taken us 15 minutes stretched out to 45, but we arrive alive and without any injuries! Reeve and Hannah were amazing hosts, with a gorgeous house set into the woods and a wood-stove in the middle of the kitchen. We stayed up talking until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. The next morning was more of the same, with a late breakfast and hanging out with the kids, before we headed onto the freshly plowed roads. Everything this morning looked so beautiful, with fall mixed in with winter. We took a short detour back to Brunswick to stop in at the first-ever Bull Moose where we drooled over lots of reasonably priced records, but only ended up buying 3 cds, and a really sweet Obi-Wan Kenobi postcard:

Early afternoon found us at Billy & Krista’s in Shapleigh, Maine. Where, as I mentioned, we’ll be spending the next few days. So nice to have a place where we can admire the early winter from a cozy window.

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Family Show

As much as I love cozy local coffee joints, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Tim Horton’s. (I got my Canadian citizenship over an iced cap in a Tim Horton’s in 2007.) Eric and I found one and that’s where we are now, with an iced cap and an empty box of cider and pumpkin Timbits, only about 20 minutes from the location of tonight’s DIY show.

Pocket Vinyl‘s show last night at the Sad Cafe in Plaistow, NH, went really (and unexpectantly) well!

We didn’t really know what to expect from this place, but we were just glad for the gig. And, my parents showed up! They were on their way from Preston, CT, visiting my little brother, up towards VT to see some old friends before heading back to Schefferville, Quebec. We hadn’t seen them since our wedding in July, so it was wonderful to get to spend some time with them.

We were on second, with a half-hour set (I have to admit, 45 minutes to an hour is probably my favorite set length, but working with other times can be an interesting challenge, as I try to complete an entire painting no matter the time).

(Thanks to my mom, for this photo.)

The other bands that we played with were a lot of fun, and very encouraging. It really lifted our spirits, and we look forward to coming back to play again sometime at this venue. (Also, the drummer from this band donned a gorilla costume and danced during our set.)

And, the painting from that night:

Also, the walls of this venue are literally covered with the names of all the other bands that have played here (including a few that went on to make it big!) Of course, we put down our mark:

Also, hilariously enough, the band that caused Pocket Vinyl to have to change it’s name back at the beginning of 2010, has also played here (in case you didn’t know, Pocket Vinyl use to be the Series).

After the show we followed my parents to a nearby hotel where we all spent the night (a real bed! a shower! continental breakfast!). We all hung out for a while this morning then before parting ways. It was so great to see them.

And now we need to run to our next show. kbye.

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Yesterday was freezing! As I think most of the rest of the north-east coast (at least) is aware of. It was another night where I am sooooo grateful Eric and I didn’t have to sleep in the car. As a matter of fact, I’m quite toasty warm right now, typing this to you as I sit three feet from a blazing fireplace in the Derry, NH public library. If you’re ever in Derry I highly recommend the library!

Yesterday evening Pocket Vinyl had a show at the All Asia Bar in Cambridge, MA…

I’m guessing we were in a pretty Asian-y area of town, because Eric and I found a Lotte Mart!! (A Korean change of groceries that was our go-to for pretty much everything while we lived there.) Once All Asia opened we brought in our stuff and set up, and one of the guys who runs the shows gave us paint markers and said we could graffiti up the bathrooms and put up stickers if we wanted.

Just before we went on (we started a bit after 6:30) I saw my old Connecticut/Houghton friend Katie Black on the sidewalk!! She’s going for her masters at the University of Boston and her friend Tom was up visiting, so they decided to stop by fr the show! It was so awesome and unexpected.

Eric’s cousin Sonja got caught up because of bad weather, and made it to All Asia after we’d already finished the set, which was too bad, but she went home with the painting anyways!

Though I guess, technically, we went home with the painting, since we drove up to her place in Brookline and she took public transportation home (there is just no extra room in our car!) Oh and also, there was a mini snowstorm going on as we left All Asia! Eric and I had to run through it a couple times before we finally settled into Sonja ridiculously cozy apartment with some sushi and a few hours worth of catching up. It was wonderful.

This morning we said goodbye and Eric and I headed back out onto the road, encountering snow all over the place!

Our show tonight is in Plaistow, NH, at the Sad Cafe starting around 7:00 pm. We found the place before noon today, and had time to kill, so we made snow angels…

…and wandered our way towards Derry, where we played the longest game of checkers ever at a Cracker Barrel (we went to check out their audio books selection), drove past the awesome diner we visited the last time we were here (How’s Your Onion?), and ended up in the library next to the fire.

We should be seeing my parents tonight, which will be awesome, and then headed off to another Halloween-themed show (tonight’s is as well, I just found out) at a DIY venue, Bombshelter, in Brunswick, Maine.

And as a reminder, to see all of Pocket Vinyl’s tour dates and where we’ll be off to next, check it out here. Ciao!

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Eric and I are in a coffee shop in Portsmouth, Maine right now. We’re in day two of Pocket Vinyl‘s tour, after our first show at the Flask Lounge in Portland last night.

It was a nice little bar, and since we arrived early, we walked around Portland for a few hours. Just FYI, in case you’re planing a visit, most everything closes at 7:00 pm on weekdays. But we had a good time dancing along the cobblestones in the drizzly dark and popping into a pretty awesome local comic & toy shop.

Back at Flask, our old Houghton friend Cory Zingg showed up! He’s in his final year at the Maine College of Art (one of the schools I actually applied to and got accepted at back in my apply-for-art-school days). After an hour-long set (including Eric’s first public playing of Everlong by the Foo Fighters) one of the bar tenders got the painting for the night:

We then hung out and eventually spent the night with Cory & friends at an apartment a few block away. It was nice not to have to sleep in the car for our first night on tour! (Please excuse the bad quality of these photos.)

After leaving early-ish Eric and I checked out some more local shops (a record place and another comic shop where we picked up the new Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth) and then started heading towards our next show, in Cambridge MA at the All Asia Bar.

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That’s what we’d decided to name Pocket Vinyl‘s Fall 2011 2-month-long tour. Which, by the way, officially starts tomorrow!!

Synesthesia” seemed an appropriate title for a few reasons: 98% of the time Eric will end a live show with his song I Hear Colours from the new PV album, Monsters Talking. In the song he describes how different songs have different hues in his mind. Another reason is the obvious I-paint-colours-while-Eric-plays-music deal. And finally (and not really significantly at all), I myself have grapheme-colour synesthesia (“d” & “h” & “9” are all green in my mind…). So, I think it’s an awesomely appropriate title for our tour!

And like I said, we officially start tomorrow with a show in Portland, Maine.

All the t-shirts have been sown, screen printed, ironed, folded and packed away. All the Monsters Talking albums have been glued, screen printed, folded, glued again, stuffed, and packed into boxes. Canvases have been gessoed. Laundry has been done and folded and is ready to go into the suitcase. I made a couple loaves of bread so we can save money by eating plenty of PB&J. We bought extra cat food & litter for my brother who’ll be watching over our kitty, Sister Sweater Moonshine. Eric is next to me finishing up his half of the wedding thank-yous. Basement studio’s been all cleaned up. My camera battery is charging. …What am I missing?

Here is the super sweet min-poster Eric recently made up, showing what dates we’ll be in what cities in these next two months. (He made this poster at the suggestion of Jesse from Beta Bursts; thanks for the input!) (And thanks to Andy Heist again for the photo!)

For more specifics on times and locations, check out the listings on the Pocket Vinyl website, here. I’ll also try to update pretty regularly on here too, with photos and adventures from shows, as well as a week’s look ahead, as I’ll do here:

place: Flask Lounge, 117 Spring St, Portland, ME (We played with a Philly band a few weeks back who said this was their favorite stop on their tour!)

date: TOMORROW! Wednesday, October 26, 2011

time: 9:00 pm


place: All Asia Bar, 334 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA

date: Thursday, October 27, 2011

time: 6:30 pm


place: The Sad Cafe, 148 Plaistow Rd./Rte. 125, Plaistow, NH 03865

date: Friday, October 28, 2011

time: 7:00 pm


place: Bombshelter, 55 Jordan Ave, Brunswick, ME (This is a DIY venue AND a Halloween party! So bring your costume!)

date: Saturday, October 29, 2011

time: 6:00 pm


Then we have two days off before our next show in Burlington, VT on the 31st. So, we’re really looking forward to some of the awesome adventures in store for us! Hope to see a lot of you as well as meet new friends in these next two months. Hope to sleep on lots of floors, couches, air mattresses, and futons (anything someone offers us beats sleeping in the car!!). See you on the road.

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