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Thanks for letting me share! (I love OBT!)

Here we are with all of my husband’s family that could make it:

A sparkly, sunny, shiny shot of me. (Our photographer is so good!)

We had a lot of great fun & games things going on for everyone. Bubbles were just one of them.

Sitting with my husband’s nephew and my foster brother during a couple speeches.

My two maid-of-honors, giving speeches.

Waiting for our first dance song to start (Elliott Smith’s cover of Big Star’s Thirteen).

Ready, set…

Elloitt Smith.

Our relationship started at my college senior art show, and at that exhibition my husband listened to the entirety of Elliott Smith’s New Moon (the album Thirteen is found on) on his ipod while he looked through my art. That was also one of the first albums I bought on vinyl (we both love records so much) and my husband is a big fan of Big Star. It was a great first dance song.

The father-daughter dance. My dad and I both love the Lord of the Rings (books and movies) so I knew I wanted to dance to a song from the soundtrack. Then, months before the wedding, he mentioned that he loves Annie Lennox’s song Into The West. It was perfect.

The mother-don dance, to Johnny Cash’s cover of In My Life.

While the mother-son dance was going on I ducked into a trailer with my maid-of-honors who helped me unhook the bottom part of my dress to reveal my dancing-friendly DIY alterations! My husband and I then had our second first dance to MGMT’s Kids and invited everyone else out to the dance floor! My husband introduced me to MGMT with this song when we first met, so having it as part of our “first-dance-combo” was pretty special!

And the dancing started.

I love this shot. And you can see the wooden “castle” of our venue’s playground!

And I love this photo of my husband and my little brother apparently doing some sort of improv choreography. Oh and mustache in the corner there? He came as a friend’s date and we all came to love him.

I love the attitudes of these dancers. So enthusiastic.

A close-up of our pie-toppers, knee deep in sugary-sweet apple-blueberry goodness. (All 25 pies made by my husband and myself!)

Cutting the pie together.

Trying so hard not to get soupy sweet sugar on our wedding clothes!

Me with my foster-brother/ring-bearer (wearing the bow tie I made him).

All three of us.

And us with my Babchi, our only living grandparent between us.

Love the sun in this.

I just love me beckoning the photographer over here!

One of our dear dear friends.

A quick shot of our awesome photographer (laughing, on the right).

During one song we took the dance up onto the playground’s castle.

More great dancing.

My husband loves to dance.

I love this last photo of us dancing together. And that’s all the pro-photos I’ve got! Hope you enjoyed them!

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September 1, 2011 at 8:38am

Girls with parasols.

I love these pictures of the guys.

So badass.

I love this one of him running to me, after they did their guys shots while I watched from a distance.

That extra-large bottle of beer next to me? Was a local brew we picked up on our road trip down through Quebec. One of the bestmen brought the bottle to me half-finished before the ceremony so my Husband and I could share a beer (without seeing each other first) before everything went down. Though, I was so jumpy and excited I couldn’t take more then a few swigs, so I polished it off during the after-ceremony/before-reception photos.

So much love in this photo…

Our photographer wanted to do an American Gothic scene…

But we couldn’t be serious…

And just ended up laughing.


Love this.

Running away together.

Beer, wildflower bouquet, and rings.

Heading back to the reception.

Husband’s nephew and my niece, one of the amazing things about having our reception on a playground!

Wildflower centerpiece.

It make look pretty sloppy and disgusting, but man, curry as our main course was such an awesome idea!! So delicious!! And cheap!!

I love this photo of my niece getting into the dancing!!

My foster brother & Husband’s niece, playing on the slide at our reception. Again: playground was such an awesome idea!

My niece, ever in the spotlight. And some of the things from our fun-and-games table.

All of my side of the family that was able to make it (we lost a few who couldn’t stay for the reception).

In between family shots, we found someone hiding…

Those are all for now, I still have two more big handfuls of reception photos, but I’ll save them to post another time. The hurricane here on the east coast has really set lots of things back, but we’re picking ourselves up again.

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August 26, 2011 at 12:36pm

As promised, here are more pro-photos from that awesome awesome day:

Husband and I serving communion to the wedding party.

After the bridesmaids & groomsmen, whoever of our guests wanted to partake of communion could come up and join with us (serving my parents here). We decided do to this instead of a greeting line and it worked outamazingly! We got to interact with guests during the ceremony instead of in the rush afterwards, and we got to see guests who had to slip out before the reception. Lots of people told us later that they loved how we did it.

We never got a real good shot of the final rainbow bread, except in this shot where we were serving my Babchi, our only living grandparent between the two of us (85 and still square dancing!).

Friends lining up for communion.

My new father- & mother-in-law, taking a few photos of their own.

I love the boutonnieres we got! Made by a friend of the family, they were so incredibly unique! I totally let her do whatever she wanted, and she did a spectacular job.

The groomsmen had the most awesome paisley ties. I especially like my Husband’s oldest brothers, in teal there.

Reading our vows. We had hoped to memorize them, but got to writing them pretty last minute, and besides, in the giddiness of everything we knew we’d forget them. Anyways, we had some amusing ones.

Rings. Oh, and no, our minister is not texting. He had the entire ceremony on his phone so he could read it easily. Also, he was amazing!! He’s one of my Husband’s super good college friends and this was his very first wedding, and he just did such a spectacular job of making sure everything went so smoothly. We’re both so grateful to him.

Kiss!! And you can see my hilarious first manicure, done the day before with my bridesmaids.

Also, check out the video my brother took of this, showing our first (and second!) kiss!

I love this after-kiss photo.

We’re married! The music was set up so that the Arcade Fire’s song Wake Up swelled just when our minister announced us as married, and the entire wedding party walked down to the epicness.

Off we go!

Kisses as we left under our reception tent.

Kisses! Kisses! Kisses!

Maid-of-honor Leah & best-man John.

Maid-of-honor Journey & best-man Will.

Bridesmaid Sarah & groomsman/cousin-of-the-groom Jonny.

Bridesmaid Amanda & groomsman/brother-of-the-groom Kyle.

Bridesmaid/cousin-of-the-groom Sonja & groomsman/brother-of-the-groom Tyler.

Then we all ran off to that sweet abandoned barn & house again to do some quick group photos.

Have I mentioned how spectacular our photographer is? Because he is.

Those guys and those parasols.

Love love love. So much love!

Oh, and I love even more that we got to share this big event with so many awesome close friends!

Maybe this was an overload of kisses, but trust me when I say I actually cut way back on posting! AND, I just love people’s expressions in these!!

The thing I love most about our photographer? He has more of an eye for art then just for “wedding photos”. And since I’m an artist too, I just love the uniqueness he’s able to bring to our photos. Also, I think it’s hilarious that he’s not even interested in wedding photography, which just makes his work that much more awesome!

Probably my favorite group shot.

So awesome.

And this is the last one for today. I’ll post more again soon, but I hope you enjoyed these!

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August 25, 2011 at 6:57am

Last week my Husband and I received 5 cds FULL of beautiful wedding photos from our photographer!! Of course, I want to share them with you, but I also don’t want to completely flood OBT with posts, so I’m going to put up a handful of my favorites, one cd at a time for the next couple of days. I hope you enjoy the final project of these past 9ish months. We definitely did!

A couple shots of my dress around our venue’s groundsbefore I got into it.

I seriously love that lace so much!

Our photographer (a photography major I graduated college with and a good friend) is so awesome. I could not be happier with his work.

A couple shots with me and the girlies before everything went down.

Seriously can’t get over how sweet the colours turned out!

Such beautiful girls. I love them all so much.

Those dresses turned so so great.

So much colour. I love colour.

Running through the field with our parasols!

Then off to the venue for some details around the grounds:

We used tapestries I already had as tablecloths.

All of our flowers were wildflowers, put together by a good friend of the family for us!

Holding the flowers were paint cans with our invitation printed on the outside!

My cousins and my flower-girl niece, inspecting the candy-filled wedding favors.

Awesome shot of a handful of my good college friends, laughing about the nicknames we gave members of our wedding party in the program.

The groomsmen, looking so dapper.

One of my maid-of-honors and my Husband’s flower-girl niece.

My other maid-of-honor and my foster-brother ring-bearer, right after he dropped the rings on his way up the aisle!

My uncle, helping get the rings back in order.

My Husband was a wreck when I walked into view. So cute.

Me and my dad.

It was hard not to give him a big happy hug when I finally reached him.

One of my really good friends, reading the passage Matthew 6:25-34 from the Bible, one of my Husband and I’s favorites.

Bridesmaids’ bouquet of wildflowers.




Bridesmaid. (I was in her wedding just a few weeks later.)

Husband’s cousin & bridesmaid.

I love this photo of my parents and foster brother.

Hope you liked these! More will be up in a day or two.

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August 22, 2011 at 7:00am

I don’t feel like I ever see post-wedding posts, except maybe a handful of pro- and non-pro photos along with a hasty goodbye. Honestly, a few weeks ago I would’ve loved to see a little more insight of the Offbeat version of the other side. (My Husband and I had a lot of non-Offbeaters who told us what post-wedding is like for them, but we’re finding life now quite largely different then that!)

Anyways! I do still have a few wedding-related things to add on before I take off into the wide world of no more OBT, and one of them concerns the 100+ thank-yews we’ve started writing! Things we considered when considering thank-yews:

Expense. Come on, we just drop a few thousand on a huge event and a fun 2 week trip. We’re sticking with our small budget.

DIY. It’s just what I do.

And most importantly, personalness. Tons of people came to our wedding, traveled across the country (and some from across the world!), worked hard helping us put it on, played roles in the ceremony and reception, and thought carefully about selecting us gifts that would suit our needs and personality or crafted us exquisite DIY gifts and cards or helped us with much-needed financial gain! We want to make sure we show these friends, family, loved ones how thankful we are and how much they mean to us.

With all those in mind, I give you: Eric & Elizabeth’s heartfelt-DIY-on-a-budget-artistic-thank-yews:

The how-we-did-its: I’m currently doing a lot of free-lance illustration work; that means I get a commission, do the work by hand (watercolours, drawings, design, etc), scan it, Photoshop it, and send it digitally off to my employers. Usually though, that means I’m left with literally PILES of artwork that I don’t know what to do with! So my Husband and I took a small armload of it, along with some bits and pieces from the recycling bin, cut them up, glued them back together again, and ta-da! 100+ cutesy thank-yew cards!

Also, I recently had a good handful of my watercolours get (ironically) water damaged in a rainstorm during an outdoors art festival. So instead of trashing all of those we cut them up and used them in cards as well!

I love that lil’ porcupine, part of an illustration for a poem for an elementary class.

For envelopes, we are using recycled brown paper and masking tape. “Rusticy-looking”, but also ridiculously inexpensive! And maybe not as cool-looking as our invitations and those envelopes, but these get the job done!

Lastly, these:

As I mentioned before, one of my Husband’s students in Korea made him a ton of cranes as a goodbye gift, and we scattered them all over the tables at the reception. Some got taken home by guests, but a handful got returned to us. Our solution as to what to do with these carefully crafted cranes? Add them as a mini favor in some of our thank-yews!

Well, anyone else have post-wedding unique thank-yews? I’d love to see what some of you guys come up with! Cheers!

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August 21, 2011 at 7:11am

Just a handful, from their perspective of the day:

My niece in the dress my mom made for her. I swear, her face is constantly in permanent-scowl mode.

Down the aisle with my dad. (You can see one of our DIY programs in my Husband’s aunt’s hands!)

My bridesmaids all had parasols, and I love that I decided to get myself a parasol as well!

My niece and my uncle, at the game table we set up with bubbles, balloons, and other goodies.

Coming back after photos.

We used tapestries and bits of colourful fabric I just happened to have as tablecloths. And our super delicious meal was DIY too!! We got over a hundred boxes of ready-made curry in a handful of different flavors and a whole mess of rice. It was easy, cheap, and super delicious!! We both love curry and so do a lot of our friends!

We also had a few origami cranes that one of my Husband’s students in Korea made for him when he left Korea, so we scattered those all over the tables as well.

My mom.

Cutting the pie. And our other flower girl, Eric’s niece, standing near us! (Notice the pie tablecloth is the same as her dress!)

Feeding the pie to each other, and our awesome photographer, Tim Chen. That’s it for these photos, but wejust got all the pro photos from Tim Chen in the mail, so I’ll be going through those and putting a good bunch of them up here very soon!

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August 19, 2011 at 5:18pm

Well, I’m now a few weeks post wedding. It’s really nice not to have a big space in my brain filled with plans, stress, and anxieties over getting favors done, hoping it doesn’t rain, and deciding our meal. As we’ve been enjoying these past few weeks of our honeymoon doing nothing but relaxing and hanging out with our best friend (each other), I’ve started to think about some of the big things I’ve learned over this huge and 8-month long process of getting ready to and then finally getting married, and I figured I should share some of these things, in hopes that they’ll be some good thought provoking things for the yet unmarried.

One thing I canNOT get over is gift-giving. It hit me hard when a couple we invited to our wedding RSVPed that they couldn’t make it, but we then received a small box in the mail from them with one of our gift registry items in it. I was so incredibly touched and humbled. They couldn’t even make our wedding but they wanted to bless us with a gift anyways. Lesson learned from this: I will try my very hardest from now on to remember to send some kind of gift, even if it’s just money and a sweet card, to every couple whose wedding we get invited to.

Another lesson: Not to get offended when semi-close friends don’t invite us to their wedding. Our wedding was very much open, especially in the last two-ish weeks when we found ourselves saying things like “Oh yeah, we’re getting married Saturday! Why don’t you stop by?!” But we were allowed to do that. By that point we had such a huge guest list, a couple extras made no difference, and besides we had no seating arrangements. BUT, especially in trying to keep our budget down, I now understand first-hand the stress of wanting to but maybe not being able to invite the world. It seems like there’s no middle ground to guest lists: it’s either all your Facebook friends… or only your close family and a few best friends. So, not only don’t get offended if I wasn’t invited to theirs, but go the extra step and skip out on the grudge by inviting them to ours!

In that same vein, don’t get pissed when people you didn’t expect show up. Maybe one of your guests didn’t tell you they were bringing that person for their date, or maybe a few of your guests decided to make your wedding their own personal reunion party and invite a bunch of people you don’t know… I’ll admit, this annoyed me the most. Yes, it’s rude… But you know what, there’s really nothing you can do about it. Stick out your hand, introduce yourself to these strangers at your wedding, smile and move on.

Which leads to another small lesson: Tell everyone you see and hug and say hi to and even the ones you meet for the first time, that you’re genuinely glad they came, saying you are and seeing their smile will actually change your heart… I mean, it did for me!

Big, big lesson: You can’t control anything. I stressed and freaked out about this the morning of my wedding. I felt sick and angry and like I wanted to run away. But in some amazing way, as soon as the music swelled and I stepped out holding onto my dad’s arm and I saw my beautiful teary-eyed (Future) Husband, I was hit with a new realization that I couldn’t control anything. But instead of stressing and wishing I could now, I instead felt free and relieved and at peace. I could control NOTHING, and I loved it. We’d worked our butts off, and some things just ended up failing, but freaking out and trying to fix things was too far beyond us. Instead, we just smiled and loved the moment.

Leading to another big, big lesson: Don’t allow the wedding to be a blur. Couples had told us constantly that they remembered next to nothing about their wedding day. We joked with each other that we were planning this dinner and we’d forget how it tasted, we created decorations that would turn into a blur, and vows we’d spit out without knowing what we were saying. But maybe because we were so prepared for that, both my husband and I made a very conscious effort during the entire event to remember, to live, and to experience fully. We even took a bathroom break at the same time mid-way through to giggle and evaluate how things were going, and we had this amazing friend who would pull us aside every once in a while to ask if we needed a break or were getting too overwhelmed. Enjoy it. Live in each moment. We both remember every part of that wedding and love it so much.

A practical lesson: Do family photos in the middle of the reception. Do bridesmaid photos and groomsmen photos separately beforehand, full party photos and couple photos immediately following the ceremony, then big family photos sometime after food but before dancing. Reasons why: We didn’t want to do photos beforehand because we’re traditionalists in that sense that we wanted to see each other for the first time that day as I walked down the aisle; we wanted to have as little time as possible between ceremony finishing and food starting (think of the guests!); families and little kids take time to organize, so why not do that while the rest of the guests aren’t waiting for the bride and groom to get back?!

Another lesson that was the one thing about our wedding we got the most flack for but we were the happiest afterwards about doing: Post-Party. Our reception was dry, so we invited a good handful of some close friends to our nearby house in the country for a beer-potluck/bonfire/post-party. We had so many good friends who had traveled at least a full day, at times longer, just to see us for this huge monumental event in our lives. We’d gotten to hug and clink glasses at the reception, but relaxing with the ones we love so dearly for a few hours afterwards was something we found to be invaluable. We had the time to smoke hookah at the kitchen table, enjoy some specially brought Finger Lakes wine, and hear about a ridiculous nose-piercing story, plus countless other things. We didn’t throw a huge wedding just so we could get married. We threw a huge wedding so we could be with the ones we love so dearly.

Which leads to my final lesson: Don’t elope. We both wanted to, badly. I even wrote about it here the morning of the wedding. We were stressed and exasperated beyond what we thought was possible. But, as I mentioned, not only was it one of the most spectacular days surrounded by so many loving and caring dear ones, but I also realized how meaningful it was to have these friends and family who have worked at shaping our lives together all there, witnessing the coming together of these two souls. It just wouldn’t’ve been the same to us if we’d secretly gotten married a little beforehand. I would’ve felt as though I was cheating our loved guests. Don’t elope. It’s so much better then that.

Well, that’s everything I can think of for now. I hope some of my own wedding day thoughts were helpful to some of you. And good luck with it all. It’s definitely worth it, I promise.

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