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Well, the last you saw of the polar bear series, I hadn’t even started to paint them white yet: https://elizabethjancewicz.wordpress.com/2011/06/05/sixteen-painting-commission-part-5-9-ptarmigan-5-polar-bears/

I painted their fur in thick white over top that blue wash I’d put in:

Then I started putting in the details:

So here are the finished three together that will be on my commissioner’s wall:

And then each of the five, individually and close-up:

And finally, here are all five from this polar bear series, hanging in order and completed:

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Well, here are the ptarmigan paintings, all 5, completed. The last you saw of them was here, where I was adding white to the bodies of the birds: https://elizabethjancewicz.wordpress.com/2011/06/05/sixteen-painting-commission-part-5-9-ptarmigan-5-polar-bears/

I let them sit this way a while (they’re out of order):
And I did some splattering on them as well, but I then toned down the strength of those outlines, because as I said in my last post, I was battling with the “cartoony” look of everything.

Another thing I really battled with was the “perfection” of things. I like paintings to be a bit more messy so that they show off the painterly aspect and the process. But I guess because this was such a huge commission I wanted to please the costumer a lot more then myself. Whenever I try to imagine what my commissioner would like, I usually end up with a crappy painting that neither of us really like. I need to constantly remind myself to paint what I want, instead of trying to place myself in the audience’s position, because I almost always get it wrong.

Here are each finished individual paintings from this collection, close-up and in order from left to right:

I told you what’s being done with these paintings, right? How the commissioner gets the first three of each series and then the last two will be given to each of her sisters? Well, here’s the first three, as they look all together and how she will most likely hang them:

And finally, here are all five from this ptarmigan series. They will most likely never be shown this way, but I wanted an image of them for myself. You’ll notice the last two are slightly bigger then the first three; like I said, those two go to her sisters along with the last ones of the caribou and polar bear series’. The reason I did those canvases a different size was just because that was all that was available to me at this time. though I think it turned out rather nicely.


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It really has been a while since I’ve posted anything, especially anything about art. But you’ll forgive me, since I’ve just wrapped up an entire school year, moved 2,000 miles south, and am getting married in one week today!! I’m excited. But I’ll try to back track just a little for some art things.

I hadn’t been posting them, even though I had been doing tons of art my last couple weeks in Schefferville, because I kept getting frustrated. I’d paint, hate what I just did, get angry, storm away, come back, paint some more, hate it more, have some tea, come back, paint some more, not hate it quite as much, go to bed, look at it the next morning, add three extra brushstrokes, and realize it was actually exactly what I wanted. Ha! That’s how painting sometimes goes I guess.

They are all done, but I don’t want to overload one blog with a huge ton of stuff, so I’ll spread it out. Today will feature the one orange painting of Knob Lake. I had set that pone aside and ignored it for a while as I worked on the others, then touched it up some… Anyways, I’ll stop talking and just show you:

Firstly, here: https://elizabethjancewicz.wordpress.com/2011/05/23/sixteen-painting-commission-part-2-in-which-i-get-way-ahead-of-myself/ is where I started this painting, and at the end of this: https://elizabethjancewicz.wordpress.com/2011/05/26/sixteen-painting-commission-part-3-death-cab-sketches/ was how it sat for a few weeks, and I wasn’t sure what to do with it. It just seemed too “cartoony” to me. (Actually, I struggled with that a lot with these paintings. I dunno, maybe I’ve been doing too much with comic book art.)
After some thought, I tweaked it here and there, and ended up with this:

The main thing was the fog on the lake to tone down the contrast of that, so that the sky would pop more.
And here it is, right before I wrapped it to be delivered, hanging on a wall:

The image is of The Knob, overlooking Knob Lake, the lake that curves around Schefferville and is our drinking water. In the bitter winter Eric and I hiked to the very top of it. And it’s something that has overlooked me my entire life as I grew up here. It’s a little surreal to realize I’ve actually moved away now, and I have no idea when I might see The Knob again.

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